Sunday, June 11, 2017

Isaac turns Eight

Birthday dinner - white rice and dumplings.
Isaac's pile-o-presents.
Isaac loves puzzles so Ali made him a puzzle to tell him what his gift was.

Eight candles on a batman cake and Isaac in his party shirt.

I didn't get a picture until Sunday, but this is Isaac with his birthday-morning decorated door.
Eli offered to dance with him for his chapel birthday song.

Isaac requested a family party at the ropes course in the next town.
We had the place mostly to ourselves.

Pretending that I can slack-line.

Happy birthday you smart, competitive, curious, athletic, tender-hearted boy. Your family loves you very much. 

Air Show and Toad Farewell

After driving to Livorno last year to enjoy the air show put on by the Frecce Tricolori (Tricolor Arrows), we were excited to learn that the show would happen in our town this year. Traffic was crazy on our walk to the beach with cars parked all kinds of illegally.
 The show started off slowly with boats and helicopters and cargo planes.
 Things heated up with the parachuters.
 Then the stars arrived.
 The show lasted about an hour.

 The view from the free beach was great.

We had friends who parked in our driveway for the show. Traffic was so backed up getting out of town that it took them three hours to complete what should have been a thirty minute drive. Insane.

The kids lovingly tended to three toads all summer long. One of them had gotten quite skinny and frail looking, so the kids decided to release all three back into their native habitat. It was a sad day.

So long, little toads. Thanks for all of the joy that you brought to the kids. I could have done without the shed-skin ingesting, though. 


Volterra with Friends

Two dear family friends contacted us months in advance to let us know that they would be coming through our area on a European adventures. We invited them to stay two nights with us and throughly enjoyed catching up. Ali especially enjoyed our time together and engaged them in long conversations, mostly centering around whales. I took the September 9th off of work so that we could go explore Volterra together.

Roman ruins.

I climbed up in a tower in the castle to get a wonderful view over the town and the Tuscan landscape.

I guess that I didn't take any pictures at home, but you can just visualize us sitting around the living room and the dining room table talking nonstop about home, friends and family and travel.